Photos by Khaled Al Nasrallah

Khaled Al Nasrallah

Author and photographer of The Birds of the Sabah Al-Ahmad Natural Reserve book in 2011 who is an avid birder and passionate videographer and photographer since 1995. He was one of the founding members of KEPS and is currently the leader of the Sabah Al Ahmad Natural Reserve team at the Voluntary Work Center.

Codified in BoK book: 
Photos contributed
Dalmatian Pelican (Immature)
European Honey Buzzard
Cinereous Vulture (Immatures)
Cinereous Vulture (Immature)
Golden Eagle
Sooty Falcon (11th record for Kuwait, Oct. 2013)
Common Cranes
Slender-billed Gulls (Nesting colony)
Pin-tailed Sandgrouses
Pin-tailed Sandgrouse (Female)
Western Barn Owl
Western Barn Owl
Lilith Owlet
Afghan Babbler (Juveniles)
Indian Silverbill
Common Rosefinch (Male)