Dalmatian Pelican (Immature)
Dalmatian Pelican (Breeding plumage, GREECE)
Dalmatian Pelicans (GREECE)
Scientific Name 
Pelecanus crispus
Arabic Name 
البجعة الكدراء
Kuwaiti name 
345.0 cm
180.0 cm
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In Kuwait


Vagrant. Small populations exist in nearby Iran. This is the world’s largest pelican, decades ago it had declined close to extinction. A population comeback has occurred in response to conservation measures.
Where in Kuwait 
Only 7 records for Kuwait with the last from Bubiyan Island in 2012.
In the world 
This species is dispersive in Europe, and migratory in Asia. European breeders winter in the eastern Mediterranean countries, Russian and central Asian breeders in Iran, Iraq and the Indian subcontinent, and Mongolian birds along the east coast of China (Mix and Bräunlich 2000), including Hong Kong.
Local threats 
Conservation measures have resulted in a population increase in Europe, particularly at the species's largest colony, at Lake Mikri Prespa in Greece, and also in other countries, following implementation of conservation actions. However, rapid population declines in the remainder of its range are suspected to be continuing.