Contributing photographers and birders

43 photographers and naturalists have kindly contributed their work for the original "Birds of Kuwait" book which includes 1400 photographs, selected from a set of over 5000 images all offered freely by the volunteer photographers. Those photos were used for the initial release of this website and the apps but we hope the photo collection will be enriched in time with more wonderful photographic material as we know Kuwait birders and photographers are enthusiastically searching for and photographing the birds of Kuwait.

If you are reading this and you believe you have some great photos to contribute to this project, you have two choices: first you can post them with a brief description as a comment at a species page. If you think your photos should or could be included in the site's main photo set you can send us these photos ( and we will be happy to present them along the others after verifying the identity of the species depicted.

A big "thank you" goes to all the contributors! In the following list you can find some brief information about them and links to their own websites.

Note to contributors: If you are a photographer listed here, and you want us to add your website link, enrich or otherwise modify your details listed here, please contact us at

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Abdulmohsen Al Suraye SUR

A Kuwaiti telecommunication engineer working in Ministry of Communication since 1980. He started watching birds in 2001 and is involved in KEPS since 2002 as a volunteer. He loves birding as a hobby and is doing everything possible to promote conservation.

AbdulRahman Al Sirhan SIR

Kuwaiti electrical engineer who lectures for the Telecommunication & Navigation Institute. A very keen naturalist, studying many aspects of the fauna and flora of the wider region, he is photographing birds since 2001. He is the appointed KORC Secretary and has been a member of KEPS since 2002.

Abhishek Varma AV

An avid birder and photographer based in India who contributes images regularly to Oriental Bird Club.

Ali Alhafez ALH

A keen Kuwaiti environmentalist, he has studied Marine Biology at Oxford University and heads KEPS volunteer marine wildlife team. Ali is mostly focused on marine conservation and underwater photography but is now beginning to learn bird photography as well.

Alsahood Ebrahim SHO

Ammar Aljeraiwi AJE

Andreas Trepte ATR

Andreas Trepte,

Aris Vidalis VID

Greek graphic designer - photographer with a long-standing love for nature, working on environmental interpretation, involved in conservation and a founding member of Biodiversity East.

Aurélien Audevard AA

French ornithologist working for the Ligue of Protection of Birds (LPO) on the Hyères salt marshes; a bird photographer and digiscoper who has travelled all over the world.

Ayman Al Kanderi AAK

A very keen Kuwaiti photographer and birder with a creative eye who was inspired to take up the hobby after seeing many good images on the Internet.

Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok AJ

An avid birder and photographer based in Thailand who contributes images regularly to Oriental Bird Club

Brian Foster BF

Former KORC Member, previous resident of Kuwait who played a big role in highlighting birding in Kuwait as a hobby. He is now retired in the UK, but continues to watch birds all over the world, when he is not fishing.

Chris Batty CB

Comes from England with an interest in birds from an early age and an enthusiasm for rarities. Travelled throughout the Western Palearctic and beyond, a trained ringer, local bird recorder and report editor, member of the Rare Bird Alert team, has graduated in Ecology and Education and has worked for the RSPB. Elected to the British Birds Rarities Committee.

Chris Lansdell CL

An active birder since 1985 based in Norfolk, UK. Runs the birding tour company Oenanthe Birding Adventures since 2008.

Chris Vlachos CV

One of Greece’s most outstanding nature photographers. He is a member and frequent volunteer at the Hellenic Ornithological Society and is deeply involved in conservation initiatives in Greece.

Christine Canzanella CC

A native of New York City who has spent the last nine years in Kuwait, teaching English and Arabic and working as a translator. Started bird photography in Kuwait, thanks to its rich birdlife and the opportunities to observe migrating birds every autumn and spring.

Daniel Mauras DM

A physics teacher, began birding three years before retirement. Since then he has been birding and photographing birds around France, the Western Palearctic and beyond.

Daniele Occhiato DO

A wildlife photographer based in Tuscany, Italy who specializes on birds but often focuses on other animals and landscapes too - mostly in Tuscany and during trips abroad. All his photos are of wild, unrestrained animals.

Dave Clark DC

American hydrologist living in Al Ain UAE for about 12 years. He is a geologist and nature photography is his hobby.

David Fisher DF

A keen British birder who has travelled widely in search of birds (seen more than 7,500 species) and leads tours for Sunbird birdtour company. Involved in the British Ornithologists’ Club, the Neotropical Bird Club, the East African Rarities Committee and the Seychelles Bird Records Committee.

Derrick Wilby DW

Keen birder and wildlife photographer. Retired civil engineer now enjoying birding full-time - mainly Africa but also around the world.

Devashish Deb DD

An avid birder and photographer based in India who contributes images regularly to Oriental Bird Club.

Gillian Pope GP

Lives in Kuwait with her family and enjoys travelling, discovering new places and participating in photographic expeditions.

Graham Whitehead GW

A geologist from England. Currently Manager of KUFPEC’s South East Asia Region. Has worked for KUFPEC based in Kuwait since 2002. He has a lifelong interest in the outdoors and the natural world, is a member of KEPS and took up photographing birdlife in Kuwait in 2008, following a first visit to the oasis farm at Al-Abraq with Mike Pope. He was instrumental in arranging funding for the “Birds of Kuwait” book with KUFPEC as sponsor.

Hamad Buresli HBU

Humoud Al Shaiji SHA

A keen Kuwaiti photographer and birder who works for KGOC. He was inspired to take up the hobby after seeing many good images on the Internet; he is active in finding new birds and collecting better images to promote Kuwait’s biodiversity.

Huw Roberts HW

From North Wales; living and birding in Arabia since 1995 including Bahrain (2 years), Oman (6 years), and UAE (the last 9 years). He is lecturer at UAE University, interests include ornithology and wildlife photography.

J.M.Garg JMG

J.M.Garg is a passionate naturalist & a wildlife photographer. He has been trekking a lot since last 15 years. He is creating awareness about our Trees & Plants, winged friends (Birds), Butterflies, etc. in particular & nature around us in general.

Jaden Pope JP

The youngest contributing member who at 9-years of age is inspired by his Dad and loves being outdoors – anywhere.

Khaled Al Ghanem GHA

Holds a bachelors in Geography (Kuwait University) and a Masters in Desert and Arid Zone Sciences (Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain). Has more than 15 years experience in wildlife management and conservation at Environment Public Authority, Department of Biodiversity Conservation, Division of Natural Reserves. Since 1997 his activities concentrate on monitoring, photographing and recording birds, particularly at Jahra Pool Reserve where he works as manager.

Khaled Al Nasrallah NAS

Author and photographer of The Birds of the Sabah Al-Ahmad Natural Reserve book in 2011 who is an avid birder and passionate videographer and photographer since 1995. He was one of the founding members of KEPS and is currently the leader of the Sabah Al Ahmad Natural Reserve team at the Voluntary Work Center.

Lefteris Stavrakas LS

Greek birdwatcher and wildlife photographer, he has participated in a great number of conservation projects in Greece. He is presently caretaker of four Important Bird Areas in Greece and a member of the Hellenic Ornithological Society since 1997.

Meshal Al Jirweay JIR

Kuwaiti naturalist who started bird photography around 1997 and was instrumental in starting KEPS with other interested birders (Mahmood Shehab and Khalled Al Nasrallah) in 2000.

Mike Barth MB

From England and currently resident in Dubai, working for IBM. He has a passion for bird photography and world travel.

Mike Pope MP

South African born, now resident in Kuwait with his family since October 2006, KORC Chairman since 2008 who has a passionate and long-term interest in birding, wildlife, conservation and photography. As a member of KEPS he would dearly like to see legislation in place to prohibit the continued shooting of migratory birds in Kuwait. 

Mike's old blog:

Mohammad Al Kanderi KAN

Kuwaiti photographer who loves wildlife and artistic landscape photography and is also a member of both VWC and KEPS.

Mohammad Khorshed MK

A Kuwaiti production operator who works for KOC. A very keen birder and creative photographer who was inspired to take up the hobby after seeing many good images on the internet since 2007.

Nikos Petrou NP

Greek prosthodontist, nature photographer and writer, actively involved in conservation since the 1980s serving in NGOs such as the WWF and current president of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature. He has published several books on Greek nature and enjoys exploring nature around the world.

Omar Al Shaheen OSH

Oscar Campbell OC

Originally from Northern Ireland, Oscar has lived in the UAE since 2006 where he teaches chemistry. He enjoys travel, photography and all aspects of natural history, but especially bird migration and identification. He is currently Chairman of the Emirates Birds Records Committee as well as KORC External Adjudicator.

Pekka Fagel PF

Originally from Finland and an avid birder and photographer who is a long-time member of both KORC and KEPS.

Phil Penlington PP

An ardent birder and photographer living in South Africa.

Rashed Al Hajji HAJ

One of Kuwait’s most dedicated birders who has a sharp eye and a reputation for finding rarities. A very keen photographer who spends long hours in the nature and knows the environment of Kuwait in depth. Flickr photo gallery

Samera Al Khalifah KHA

Distinguished Kuwait photographer, she holds a B.A. in Political Science and is currently working as an Administration Services Supervisor. Her photography focuses on birds, wildlife and people. She is a member of many organisations and a recipient of many photographic awards.

Simon Price SP

A South African twitcher, who took up birding photography during his 18-month sojourn in Kuwait. Back in South Africa, he continues to strive for the perfect shot and posts his efforts on the internet.

Theodoros (Akis) Gaitanakis TG

Greek birdwatcher and wildlife photographer who has taken many photographic journeys in Greece and abroad. An active member of the Hellenic Ornithological Society, he lives in Athens.

Tommy Pedersen TP

Born in Oslo, Norway - resident in Dubai since 2002 and B-777 Captain for Emirates Airlines. He manages the UAE birding website since 2005 and is interested in birding, travelling and nature photography.

Trevor Hardaker TH

Trevor and his wife Margaret have a deep interest in wildlife which leads to many travels around their home in Cape Town, South Africa and the world.

Vincent Legrand VL

He has a geographical focus on rare birds and animals in the Western Palearctic Biozone that has taken him to the four corners of this realm in search of rare and accidental species.