The production team of "Birds of Kuwait" would like to thank the following for all assistance in the creation of both the book (begining in December 2012) and its electronic derivitives (completed in October 2013):

His Excellency the Assistant Undersecretary of Border Security Affairs and Chief of PoliceMajor General Mohammed Yousef Al-Sabah for his precious support and friendship and all Coast Guard Officers and personnel, whose kind assistance throughout our work has made our achievements possible.

KUFPEC Chairman Mr. Nizar M. Al-Adsani for his vision, belief and confidence in sponsoring this project.

  • Kuwait Ornithological Rarities Committee, represented by Mr. Mike Pope (Chairman), Mr.Abdulrahman Al-Sirhan (Secretary) and members Mr.Pekka Fagel, Mr.Oscar Campbell (UAE), Mr.Peter Kennerley (UK) and Mr. Brian Foster (UK) for their invaluable input and use of the Annotated Checklist of Birds of Kuwait.
  • Sabah al Ahmad Sea City team (specifically Mr. Ian Williams and Mr. Nithyanandan Manickam) for use of their boats for on-going surveys.
  • The owners of Al-Abraq, Sulaibiya Pivot Fields, Jahra Farms, Al-Shallal Farm for allowing us access to their farms.
  • Alghanim Industries for use of their fabulous SINAATI boat to access Kubbar Islands for summer census counts of breeding terns. 
  • Mr. Steve Gantlett, Birding World Editor for his kind permission to reference and use “Birding Kuwait” article by Richard Bonser with AbdulRahman Al-Sirhan, Pierre Andre-Crochet, Vincent Legrand, David Monticelli and Mike Pope.
  • The ornithologists and naturalists who helped review identifications and read texts, especially Mr. Paschalis Dougalis, Mr. Nikos Petrou, Mr. Dick Forsman, Dr. Triantaphyllos Akriotis (University of the Aegean) and Dr. James Bishop (KISR).
  • Dr. Yahya Al-Shehabi and Mr. Khaled Al Ghanem of the EPA for their kind cooperation and provision of a wealth of information about Jahra Pool Reserve.
  • Biodiveristy East members in Cyprus who helped in various ways in production issues; Special thanks to Mrs. Elli Tzirkalli.

Finally we acknowledge all Kuwaiti Environmental organizations for the continued work they are doing to raise awareness with respect to nature conservation:

  • KEPS – Kuwait Environmental Protection Society
  • BMAPT – Bird Monitoring and Protection Team
  • VWC – Voluntary Work Center
  • EPA – Environmental Protection Agency
  • KISR – Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research