Cinereous Vulture (Immature with Steppe Eagles)
Cinereous Vulture (GREECE)
Cinereous Vulture (Immatures)
Cinereous Vulture (Immature)
Scientific Name 
Aegypius monachus
Arabic Name 
النسر الأسود
Kuwaiti name 
295.0 cm
105.0 cm
Near Threatened
Similar species 


Rare passage migrant. Also known as the Black Vulture; one of the largest Old World vultures with a wingspan of 3m. Like nearly all vultures in the region this species has declined primarily due to poisoning of carcasses and shooting.
Where in Kuwait 
This magnificent Near Threatened species is a solitary bird and would be seen soaring on thermals. They may only come to ground to drink or bad weather conditions like Kuwait's infamous dust storms.
In the world 
This Eurasian species has a moderately small population and although the European population is increasing, the much larger Asian population appears to be in decline. This species mostly eats carrion and its closest living relative is probably the Lappet-faced Vulture.
Local threats 
The two main threats to the species are direct mortality caused by humans (either accidentally or deliberately) and decreasing availability of food.