White-tailed Eagle (Immature)
White-tailed Eagle
White-tailed Eagle (Immature)
Scientific Name 
Haliaeetus albicilla
Arabic Name 
العقاب بيضاء الذيل
Kuwaiti name 
عقاب , بوحقب
250.0 cm
90.0 cm
Least Concern

In Kuwait


Extremely rare vagrant. The region’s largest eagle, it has declined both in range and population, especially in the southern part of its distribution. They mate for life, and breed in the same territory each year. These territories continue to be used by successive generations of eagles over many decades.
Where in Kuwait 
Recorded only once at Kuwait Bay and Jahra Pool in winter 2009.
In the world 
It is mainly migratory in the north and east of its breeding range, but sedentary elsewhere.
Local threats 
Not applicable locally; but globally it's threats are the loss and degradation of wetlands, human disturbance and persecution, environmental pollution, collision with wind generators, and indiscriminate use of poisons.