Egyptian Vulture (Juvenile)
Egyptian Vulture
Egyptian Vulture (Immature)
Scientific Name 
Neophron percnopterus
Arabic Name 
الرخمة الشائعة
Kuwaiti name 
رخمة , نسر
155.0 cm
62.0 cm


Scarce passage migrant. A small vulture whose global populations have experienced a dramatic decline in the last few years. The association of the vulture as a symbol of royalty in Egyptian culture led to the use of the name “Pharaoh’s Chicken” for the species.
Where in Kuwait 
This Endangered species has been seen as far west as Salmi in typical desert habitat and along the Jahra Bay coast with other migrating raptors in September.
In the world 
A small vulture that has an unmistakable appearance which has a very large range. It generally inhabits open, arid areas and can be found in steppe, desert, pastures and cereal fields, but requires rocky sites for nesting. It is often found near human habitations, for example, near or in towns, around rubbish dumps, slaughterhouses and fishing ports.
Local threats 
Numerous threats are pushing this Endangered bird towards extinction and the species is declining in virtually all parts of its range, apparently for a number of different reasons. Threats include disturbance, lead poisoning (from gun shot), direct poisoning, electrocution (by powerlines), collisions with wind turbines, reduced food availability and habitat change.