Lesser Frigatebird (Female, SOUTH AFRICA)
Lesser Frigatebird (Female, SOUTH AFRICA)
Scientific Name 
Fregata ariel
Arabic Name 
الفرقاط الصغير
185.0 cm
75.0 cm
Least Concern

In Kuwait


Extremely rare vagrant. This is a wandering pelagic species, rarely reaching the Gulf and very similar to the Great Frigatebird which is rarely recorded in southern Arabia
Where in Kuwait 
Kuwait’s only record is one at Port Zour in mid April 2008.
In the world 
Major breeding populations of the Lesser Frigatebird are found in tropical waters of the Indian and Pacific Ocean. Outside the breeding season it is sedentary, with immature and non-breeding individuals dispering throughout tropical seas, especially of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It feeds mainly on fish (especially flying-fish) and squid, but also on seabird eggs and chicks, carrion and fish scraps.
Local threats 
The global population is suspected to be in decline owing to ongoing habitat destruction and unsustainable levels of exploitation.