White-winged Tern (Immature)
White-winged Tern (Winter)
White-winged Tern (Moulting early autumn)
White-winged Tern

Observations, notes, photos

White-winged Tern in Sulaibikhat Bay, January 2012.

White-winged Tern in Sulaibikhat Bay, January 2012.

Scientific Name 
Chlidonias leucopterus
Arabic Name 
الخرشنة بيضاء الجناح
Kuwaiti name 
65.0 cm
22.0 cm
Least Concern
Similar species 


Uncommon passage migrant; scarce summer visitor. Breeds in very small numbers in the Jahra Bay outfall marshes. Migrates in large numbers along the coast; up to 2300 were seen in late April 2006. One of the most strikingly plumaged of the marsh terns.
Where in Kuwait 
One of the 3 Marsh Terns recorded in Kuwait. It frequents a variety of habitats from inland pools to outfalls along the coast, more often in the Jahra area where both of these habitats are found. It has also been recorded feeding over wet fields and dry farmland
In the world 
It has an extremely large range with a stable population and is strongly migratory. it undergoes fascinating aesthetic alterations in its plumage, ranging from its highly characteristic form when breeding to a more subdued form when moulting. It is found from sea level up to around 2,000 metres.
Local threats 
Pollution and loss of habitat