Western White Stork
Western White Stork
Western White Stork
Western White Stork
Scientific Name 
Ciconia ciconia
Arabic Name 
اللقلق الأبيض الغربي
Kuwaiti name 
170.0 cm
100.0 cm
Least Concern


Scarce passage migrant. Most storks migrate well to the west of Kuwait and usually small numbers are recorded here. On rare occasions a displaced flock will visit; a maximum record of 65 seen in early April 1957.
Where in Kuwait 
Almost all records are of a small number of birds passing by overhead in Spring or Autumn. Flocks of small numbers have been recorded staying longer in some agricultural areas where there is food, water and safety.
In the world 
This species is a Palearctic migrant with an extremely large range that travels with the assistance of thermal updrafts and naturally avoids long stretches of open waters.
Local threats 
As it is migratory, there is always a threat from indiscriminate shooters.