Tufted Duck (Male)
Tufted Duck (Male)
Tufted Duck (Male)
Tufted Duck (Female)
Scientific Name 
Aythya fuligula
Arabic Name 
الحذف المقنزع
Kuwaiti name 
72.0 cm
47.0 cm
Least Concern
Similar species 


Rare passage migrant and rare winter visitor. An infrequent visitor from the north visiting small pools and Jahra Bay. Up to 30 were seen in mid March 1986.
Where in Kuwait 
It has been recorded singly and in small flocks at inland pools in the Jahra area almost always in the winter months.
In the world 
A compact diving duck and almost universally a lowland species in its northern breeding grounds.
Local threats 
Shooting is a threat for Geese and Ducks during passage migration.