Striated Heron (Immature, UAE)
Striated Heron (UAE)
Striated Heron
Scientific Name 
Butorides striata
Arabic Name 
البلشون أخضر الظهر
60.0 cm
43.0 cm
Least Concern

In Kuwait


Extremely rare vagrant. Resident in the southern part of the Gulf where this small opportunistic Heron is found in a variety of coastal and freshwater habitats and it has been recorded using tools to catch it's prey.
Where in Kuwait 
Only 1 record of an adult bird for Kuwait, found in Sulaibikhat Bay in July 2011.
In the world 
Although highly territorial, this species is generally sedentary and has healthy populations along the Red Sea coast, as well as UAE and Oman.
Local threats 
Human disturbance and pesticides.