Semi-collared Flycatcher (Male)
Semi-collared Flycatcher (Female)
Scientific Name 
Ficedula semitorquata
Arabic Name 
خاطف الذباب شبه المطوق
Kuwaiti name 
فرخ الحسيني
13.0 cm
Near Threatened
Kuwait Specialty
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Uncommon passage migrant mainly in spring. A little-known Eurasian Flycatcher seen in Kuwait wherever there are trees and clumps of bushes. Sometimes it will gather in small flocks on migration; up to 23 in late April 1968.
Where in Kuwait 
During migration may also be found in acacia savanna/woodland and has been recorded at Green Island, Jahra Farm but more frequently in the west at Al Abraq
In the world 
This poorly-studied migratory species is estimated to be undergoing a moderately rapid population decline, probably as a result of habitat loss on its breeding grounds. Consequently, it is classified as Near Threatened. It breeds in the southeastern corner of Europe, the Middle East and southwestern Asia. It is migratory, wintering in Africa. Population declines have continued across much of south-east Europe during 1990-2000, including key populations in Turkey and European Russia. The breeding male is mainly black above and white below, with a white half-collar, extending further back than in Pied, large white wing patch, extensively white tail sides and a large white forehead patch. It has a pale grey rump.
Local threats 
Habitat loss and degradation