Sanderling (Breeding plumage)
Sanderling (Juvenile)
Scientific Name 
Calidris alba
Arabic Name 
Kuwaiti name 
40.0 cm
20.0 cm
Least Concern


Common passage migrant and winter visitor; scarce summer visitor. Hundreds gather in many areas of Kuwait Bay. A high-arctic breeder faithful to its coastal mudflat migration stopover and wintering sites.
Where in Kuwait 
On passage the species may occur on inland freshwater or saline pools but it is largely coastal, inhabiting open sandy beaches exposed to the sea along the Kuwait coast.
In the world 
It has an extremely large range with an uncertain population that breeds on barren, stony Arctic tundra and is a full long-distance migrant. It travels mainly via offshore and coastal routes using a number of favoured stopover sites. It is one of the most widespread of all shorebirds and probes with the beak in wet sand and mud, with sensors in the beak enabling it to detect prey up to two centimetres away.
Local threats 
Reclamation of habitat, oil pollution and human disturbance