Saker Falcon
Saker Falcon
Saker Falcon (Immature, GREEECE)
Saker Falcon
Scientific Name 
Falco cherrug
Arabic Name 
الصقر الحر
Kuwaiti name 
125.0 cm
55.0 cm
Similar species 


Rare passage migrant and winter visitor. Now a declining species and often a victim of nest-robbing for falconry. Highly prized in the Gulf and often smuggled from Pakistan and Iran for falconry in Gulf states.
Where in Kuwait 
This Endangered species is generally a bird of desert habitat and is superficially similar to the Lanner Falcon.
In the world 
This species is a wide-ranging species with a breeding distribution across the Palaearctic region from Eastern Europe to western China. After the breeding season, many populations migrate further south and spend winter in China, India, the Mediterranean, Middle East, and parts of Africa. It is a large, powerful bird of prey with an exceptionally broad wingspan for its size and can be both highly agile and extremely fast as it hunts close to the ground and it will frequently target prey that is larger than itself.
Local threats 
Trapping for falconry and the falconry trade as it is a favourite amongst falconers. Globally it is undergoing a very rapid decline, even though it is protected across much of it's range. It's future is bleak and it now faces the threat of extinction.