Ruddy Turnstone (Breeding plumage)
Ruddy Turnstone
Scientific Name 
Arenaria interpres
Arabic Name 
قنبرة الماء
Kuwaiti name 
53.0 cm
23.0 cm
Least Concern


Common passage migrant, uncommon winter and scarce summer visitor. In Kuwait it nearly always occurs on the coast. Up to 1000 recorded at Doha, Kuwait Bay in late April 2007. One of the most distinctive and widespread arctic-breeding waders.
Where in Kuwait 
Primarily a coastal species and more often found in the north and less so in the south. It is a small, stocky, brightly-patterned shorebird, named for its habit of turning over objects such as stones, shells and seaweed to uncover prey hidden beneath.
In the world 
It has an extremely large range with a declining population and is fully migratory, migrating in large flocks and outside of the breeding season the species is mainly coastal. It is one of the most northerly breeding shorebird species. It migrates south for the winter months, the females leaving the breeding grounds first, followed by the males and then the newly fledged young.
Local threats 
Loss of habitat through reclamation and oil pollution