Pallid Harrier (Male)
Pallid Harrier (Male)
Pallid Harrier (Male)
Scientific Name 
Circus macrourus
Arabic Name 
المرزة الباهتة
Kuwaiti name 
مساح الريضان , حقبي
117.0 cm
48.0 cm
Near Threatened
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Common passage migrant and scarce winter visitor. A declining and Near Threatened species.
Where in Kuwait 
Kuwait is an important area on its migration pathway and many birds are commonly seen in spring and autumn; up to 35 recorded in late September 2004. It can be found in both desert areas and farmlands and is a narrow winged, lightly built harrier and like other harriers has distinct male and female plumage.
In the world 
This species is known to be undergoing steep population decline in Europe, although numbers in its Asiatic strongholds are thought to be more stable. This migratory bird of prey is often seen flying low over the ground, dropping down to capture prey spotted on the ground.
Local threats 
Habitat degradation and shooting.