Northern Lapwing (Winter)
Northern Lapwing
Northern Lapwing (Winter)
Scientific Name 
Vanellus vanellus
Arabic Name 
الزقزاق الشامي
Kuwaiti name 
76.0 cm
30.0 cm
Least Concern


Common winter visitor but scarce passage migrant. One of the birds that has clearly benefited from expanding irrigated fields in Kuwait. Often seen on open grassland, agricultural fields and wetlands in winter; a flock of 383 recorded in early January 2009.
Where in Kuwait 
It has a preference for irrigated farmlands, but can also be found at inland pools in the Jahra area.
In the world 
It has an extremely large range but a declining population.Most populations of this species are fully migratory and travel on a broad front out of Europe. Males and females are generally similar in appearance and it is a gregarious species that forms large flocks.
Local threats 
Loss of habitat and pesticides.