Long-legged Buzzard
Long-legged Buzzard
Long-legged Buzzard (Rufous morph)
Long-legged Buzzard (Dark morph)
Scientific Name 
Buteo rufinus
Arabic Name 
Kuwaiti name 
بوحقب , حقبي
155.0 cm
66.0 cm
Least Concern
Similar species 


Scarce passage migrant and uncommon winter visitor. Variable in appearance similar to the Steppe Buzzard in having three colour types: pale, rufous or dark. Usually larger and more eagle-like than the Steppe Buzzard.
Where in Kuwait 
This species is more commonly found in areas of arid steppe or semi-desert, but has also been recorded in agricultural areas.
In the world 
Two subspecies of the long-legged buzzard are recognised. The range of subspecies B. r. rufinus stretches from south-eastern Europe, through Turkey and the Middle East, to China, while subspecies B. r. cirtensis is native to North Africa. It employs a number of tactics in the search for prey, including foraging in cultivated areas, hovering over open semi-arid land, and soaring on warm rising air, and scanning from fixed vantage points such as power lines and trees.
Local threats 
Indiscriminate shooting.