Long-eared Owl
Scientific Name 
Asio otus
Arabic Name 
البومة طويلة الأذنين
Kuwaiti name 
بومة , كبسة
95.0 cm
36.0 cm
Least Concern
Similar species 


Extremely rare vagrant. A woodland owl that visits Kuwait irregularly in winter. It will hide in dense foliage where it remains undetected due to its perfect camouflage. An extremely secretive nocturnal species that can easily go unnoticed.
Where in Kuwait 
Only 4 records for Kuwait with the last record of a deceased bird found in December 2001 near Sabriya Farm
In the world 
It has an extremely large range with a marginal decline and extends throughout much of North America, several Atlantic Islands, Europe and Asia, as far as Japan. Some European breeding populations, winter as far south as Egypt. It has specially adapted feathers allow the long-eared owl to be almost silent when in flight and catches prey in complete darkness by using only sound to locate its prey.
Local threats 
Habitat loss, persecution and pesticides