Little Gull (Immature winter)
Little Gull (Immature winter)
Scientific Name 
Hydrocoloeus minutus
Arabic Name 
النورس الصغير
Kuwaiti name 
77.0 cm
27.0 cm
Least Concern


Vagrant. Seen sporadically along the coast in winter and during autumn and spring migration periods. This is the world’s smallest gull, having a characteristic tern-like flight.
Where in Kuwait 
Only 5 records for Kuwait with the last been seen in February 2006 in the Jahra Bay area. The other records are from along the coast with one inland at a brackish pool in the Jahra area
In the world 
It has an extremely large range with an increasing population and is fully migratory and breeds primarily in northern Scandinavia, the Baltic republics and western Russia, as far as eastern Siberia. On migration its diet is the same as during the breeding season which is mainly insectivorous, although during the winter the species switches to a diet of small fish and marine invertebrates.
Local threats 
Marine oil spills and pollution