Jack Snipe
Jack Snipe
Scientific Name 
Lymnocryptes minimus
Arabic Name 
الشنقب الصغير
Kuwaiti name 
40.0 cm
18.0 cm
Least Concern
Similar species 


Scarce passage migrant and winter visitor. Up to 10 have been recorded at one location in early October 1992. The smallest of the true snipes; usually displaying extremely cryptic behavior in marshes and flooded agricultural lands.
Where in Kuwait 
They can be secretive in their non-breeding areas and are difficult to observe, being well camouflaged in their habitat. Generally they are found in wetlands near the coast and inland pools with good habitat and cover in the Jahra area
In the world 
A species with an extremely large range and a stable population. It is fully migratory and crosses Europe on a broad front. Outside of the breeding season the species remains largely solitary, usually feeding singly or in groups of up to 5 individuals. Most of its activities are carried out nocturnally or in the early morning and late evening.
Local threats 
Indiscriminate hunting and loss and degradation of its wetland habitats