Indian Roller
Indian Roller
Indian Roller
Scientific Name 
Coracias benghalensis
Arabic Name 
الشقراق الهندي
Kuwaiti name 
عقعق , زريقي
70.0 cm
30.0 cm
Least Concern
Kuwait Specialty
Similar species 


Scarce disperser in autumn, winter and spring. A tropical Asian specialty that nests as far north as Iraq. Dispersing birds arrive in Kuwait in small numbers and may be found in open habitats, including farms and city parks.
Where in Kuwait 
It is difficult to predict where this species can be found, but past records have been diverse as Jahra Farms, large farmlands and even urban habitat outside of Kuwait Airport
In the world 
It has an extremely large range and its population is suspected to be increasing owing to deforestation and urbanisation. Its range has expanded in Iraq north to Baghdad. As its name suggests, it is found in India; however, it is also found across much of southern Asia, from China, Vietnam and Malaysia, west to Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It gained its name from its elaborate courtship displays, during which it performs some startling aerobatics culminating in a series of ‘rolling’ motions.
Local threats 
As it is a bird of remarkable colour, it is a target of indiscriminate shooting