Indian Reed Warbler
Indian Reed Warbler (Juvenile)
Scientific Name 
Acrocephalus (stentoreus) brunnescens
Arabic Name 
دخلة القصب الهندية
Kuwaiti name 
18.0 cm
Least Concern
Kuwait Specialty
Similar species 


Uncommon passage migrant; scarce resident. This Acrocephalus is extremely difficult to distinguish from its close relatives; extra care is needed, including good photographs to confirm observations.
Where in Kuwait 
It is more often heard than seen, this species is a skulking bird that stays out of sight in dense vegetation but is found more regularly in reed fringed habitat in Jahra and Sulaibkihat areas. Generally it forages out of sight near the ground or water level.
In the world 
It has an extremely large range with a stable population with a range that extends from Northeast Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, through South and Southeast Asia to the Philippines, New Guinea and Australia. Most populations remain fairly sedentary year-round, but the most northerly populations tend to migrate southwards before the onset of winter to spend the colder months in the Indian subcontinent.
Local threats 
Habitat loss and degradation