Greater Spotted Eagle (Immature)
Greater Spotted Eagle (Pale morph, fulvescens)
Greater Spotted Eagle
Greater Spotted Eagle (Juvenile)
Scientific Name 
Aquila clanga
Arabic Name 
العقاب المنقطة الكبيرة
Kuwaiti name 
180.0 cm
65.0 cm
Similar species 


Common winter visitor and uncommon passage migrant. A rather large eagle associated with farmland and wetlands in its wintering quarters. Often migrates within large flocks of Steppe Eagles on passage.
Where in Kuwait 
Found in a variety of habitats, but more often seen in farmlands and desert areas with suitable habitat. Frogs constitute the majority of the diet in some areas, but this species is also known to consume small mammals, waterbirds and snakes.
In the world 
This Vulnerable species has a small population over a fragmented range which appears to be declining owing to extensive habitat loss and persistent persecution. A migratory species, it leaves the breeding grounds for the winter, and may be found in central and eastern European, north and east Africa, the Middle East, the Arabian peninsula, the Indian subcontinent and east and Southeast Asia over winter.
Local threats 
This species has suffered as a result of indiscriminate shooting, and across much of the range, deliberate and accidental poisoning has also caused many deaths