Great Cormorant (Immature)
Great Cormorants
Great Cormorant
Scientific Name 
Phalacrocorax carbo
Arabic Name 
الغاق الكبير
Kuwaiti name 
140.0 cm
90.0 cm
Least Concern
Similar species 


Very common winter visitor, common passage migrant and rare summer visitor. Recently this species has seen a remarkable population increase. .
Where in Kuwait 
Predominantly found in the winter months in coastal areas and up to 13600 were observed in late January 2007 in Kuwait Bay. It has also been recorded sporadically on inland pools.
In the world 
This species has an extremely large distribution, being found on every continent except South America and Antarctica. Throughout its range the species is sedentary or locally dispersive, with northerly populations also making strong migratory movements. The species frequents both coastal and inland habitats.
Local threats 
The species is often persecuted by the aquaculture industry and may be shot, drowned or poisoned. The species is hunted for recreation and is sold at commercial food markets in Iran (Balmaki and Barati 2006).