Gadwall (Male and female)
Gadwall (Female, ITALY)
Gadwall (Male, ITALY)
Scientific Name 
Anas strepera
Arabic Name 
البط السماري
Kuwaiti name 
90.0 cm
56.0 cm
Least Concern
Similar species 


Uncommon passage migrant and scarce winter visitor. This duck usually prefers inland ponds and pools but it is also often seen in Jahra Bay, where a maximum count of 450 was recorded in mid January 1997.
Where in Kuwait 
Generally found in mixed flocks of ducks during winter in the Jahra area.
In the world 
Medium-sized dabbling duck and easily overlooked if among Mallards; said to be expanding it's range in Europe.
Local threats 
Shooting is a threat for Geese and Ducks during passage migration.