Fieldfare (Immature winter, GREECE)
Scientific Name 
Turdus pilaris
Arabic Name 
سمنة الحقول
Kuwaiti name 
25.0 cm
Least Concern
Similar species 


Rare winter visitor. One of the largest thrushes. Sometimes driven south during severe winters. Irregularly occurring in Kuwait in small numbers at farms and wetland areas.
Where in Kuwait 
Very few records of this species in Kuwait, but it would occur in similar habitats to the other wintering thrush species that occur in Kuwait
In the world 
It has an extremely large range and a population that is suspected to be stable overall in the absence of evidence for any declines or substantial threats. It breeds in woodland and scrub in northern Europe and Asia. It is strongly migratory, with many northern birds moving south during the winter. Migrating birds and wintering birds often form large flocks, often with Redwings
Local threats 
Habitat loss and degradation