Common Shelducks
Common Shelduck (Male, ITALY)
Common Shelduck (Female, ITALY)
Scientific Name 
Tadorna tadorna
Arabic Name 
الشهرمان الشائع
Kuwaiti name 
120.0 cm
65.0 cm
Least Concern


Common winter visitor and uncommon passage migrant. Up to 300 individuals recorded in January and early March at Kuwait Bay. Much smaller flocks are also sometimes seen on the Gulf coast. A goose-like duck of the estuarine mudflats.
Where in Kuwait 
Adults are unmistakeable and are found in medium to large flocks along the Jahra Bay coastline and occasionally on inland fresh water pools.
In the world 
Widely reported in northern and north-west Europe where it's range is expanding inland.
Local threats 
Shooting is a threat for Geese and Ducks during passage migration.