Bank Myna
Bank Myna
Scientific Name 
Acridotheres ginginianus
Arabic Name 
مينا الأنهار
Kuwaiti name 
21.0 cm
Least Concern
Kuwait Specialty
Similar species 


Uncommon resident; breeds in Kuwait. A non-indigenous Indomalayan species established in Kuwait since 1980. Its breeding populations fluctuate and it is much more localized than the Common Myna.
Where in Kuwait 
There are a handful of small resident populations with the most regular being Jahra Farms, but they have also been recorded around Kuwait Towers on the Gulf Road. It is a bold and confident bird and has a close association with human habitation
In the world 
It has an extremely large range and a population that is suspected to be increasing as ongoing habitat degradation is creating new areas of suitable habitat. It naturally occurs from eastern Pakistan across the Himalayan foothills to eastern and south Nepal and Bhutan, and southwards to north-central India and Bangladesh. It has been introduced to Japan and the United Arab Emirates, where it has spread to several neighbouring countries, including Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia. A versatile and supreme opportunist, the omnivorous species consumes a wide variety of food types, including frogs, snails, earthworms and other animal matter, as well as fruits and seeds
Local threats 
It is likely resilient to all but the most major of threats.