Baltic Gull
Scientific Name 
Larus fuscus
Arabic Name 
النورس البلطيقي
Kuwaiti name 
127.0 cm
53.0 cm
Least Concern
Similar species 


Common winter visitor and passage migrant. Formerly lumped within a similar looking species-complex known as Lesser Black-backed Gull, now split into different species; often difficult to distinguish in the field.
Where in Kuwait 
A coastal species found in mixed flocks of large white-headed Gulls in the winter months and is the species with jet-black upperparts
In the world 
There is much debate on the large white-headed gull taxa and according to Birdlife International "The following species level treatment, shown with sub-specific placements, has been adopted by the BTWG: L. fuscus (with intermedius, graellsii, heuglini, taimyrensis and barabensis); L. argentatus (with argenteus, smithsonianus, vegae and mongolicus); L. michahellis (with atlantis and armenicus) and L. cachinnans".
Local threats 
Marine oil spills and pollution