Arctic Tern
Scientific Name 
Sterna paradisaea
Arabic Name 
الخرشنة القطبية
Kuwaiti name 
80.0 cm
38.0 cm
Least Concern
Similar species 


Vagrant, usually seen on spring passage. A world-record long-distance migrant breeding in the Arctic and wintering as far south as the Antarctic waters. Otherwise, very similar-looking to the Common Tern.
Where in Kuwait 
Only 5 records for Kuwait, with the last seen in June 2011 at Jahra Pools, all other records are from the Jahra Bay area
In the world 
It has an extremely large range with a decreasing population and has a circumpolar range, breeding in the Arctic and subarctic regions of Europe, Asia and North America. It is a transequatorial migrant, and can be found wintering throughout the Southern Ocean to the edge of the Antarctic ice and the southern tips of South America and Africa. It makes exceptional long-distance movements offshore or along western continental coastlines between its high Arctic breeding grounds and Antarctic wintering grounds during migration.This is probably the longest migration undertaken by any bird and means that the Arctic Tern sees more sunlight each year than any other animal, as they experience a 'second summer' by travelling south in winter.
Local threats 
Marine oil spills and pollution