Horned Grebe (winter)
Horned Grebe (Breeding plumage, FINLAND)
Scientific Name 
Podiceps auritus
Arabic Name 
الغطاس المعرف
Kuwaiti name 
62.0 cm
35.0 cm
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Least Concern


Extremely rare vagrant with Kuwait being far to the south of its normal wintering range.
Where in Kuwait 
Only 2 winter records for Kuwait and both found on the inland pools in the Jahra area in 1988 and 2013 respecfully
In the world 
This species has a large northern hemisphere range and is fully migratory. During the non-breeding season the species usually remains solitary or forages in pairs or small groups.
Local threats 
Unknown locally, but human disturbance and operations around breeding lakes pose a threat to the species.